Jun 21, 2015

Valiants' Time 2.0 @ Ancasa Residences, Port Dickson June 2015

Hello People !
Assalamualaikum :)

Alright, who are Valiants?
Bet you guys are not that interested though haha. Okay let's go through this faster. Valiants are my tesl batch name. So..... we are the 2013/2014 batch and currently we are heading to embrace our glorious third year. Hoho !

What is Valiants Time?
Well basically Valiants' Time is our batch's official name for our family day :) kool aye ? ;)
Since this trip is considered as our second family day, we called it as VT 2.0! Woohoo! The previous VT was held when we were in our first year where I didn't get the chance to join because I got a date with my dad *wink*

Stop blabbering around Hussna *slapping myself*
So, on last 5th & 6th June 2015, we went to Port Dickson to have our batch vacation of course and we stayed at Ancasa Residences, Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson :)
There are 20 of us that consisted of 15 girls & 5 guys. Yea yea yea , girls power

So, we booked:
1. One apartment with two bedrooms (for the Girls)
2. One apartment with one bedroom (for the Boys) *what a big room for a small group kan - nyampah*

Since we'd planned this like months, we did booked the room earlier because we did not want to lose the chance of having a place to sleep haha. Plus, we went there on SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Gila berani kans :D So, me myself as the travel planner *macam biasalah fans*, i went through every single agents and websites to find the bestest price because you know la budak university, cheapskates haha.

So i found the cheapest price in town for this hotel at.........
jeng jeng jeng

or boleh cuba ni kot ;

We only booked the apartments for RM279 (2 Bedrooms) + RM229 !
and yeah, the price is including breakfast for 4 + 2 ! 
Kooll sangats kannnnn . Mohon jangan jealous :P

p/s: do not trust the photos provided from the website haaha >.<

But.... we did not took the photos of the rooms so much because sibuk sangat nak berbarbecue di tepian pantai katanyaaaa ~

Here's the video & photos of our trip ^^,

This is the beach nearby our apartment. Cantik :D

Semangat tak hakak-hakak tesl berpocorobik ;)

The Apartment ! besarrrrr

Le girls :D
 Okay mohon jangan pelik why we did wear baju kurung bcs after check-out we went to our friend's sister's wedding in Sungai Udang, Melaka.

Before checkout I got a chance to snap the living room :D
 About the Hotel:
1. Good place to stay if you plan to travel in big group.
2. Nice staff but not that smile-friendly -.-
3. Beautiful garden & so near to the beautiful beach.
4. Btw, all the apartment got a mini-kitchen but with basic appliances - kettles & big fridge. Still okay for me :)
5. The breakfast spread was not varied but delicious enough to make me satisfied because I usually don't expect much for this kind of hotel's breakfast, but I was so satisfied with Ancasa's :)
6. The hotel is at a corner & little harder to get in and out of the junction because of the heavy traffic.
7. Baca ayat qursi banyak-banyak after masuk bilik because you know lah this kind of place kan ^.^

My Valiants :D

That's all for this entry :D Thanks for reading ^.^