Oct 11, 2012

Interview TESL !

Hello peeps ! well . I am here . Again :)

berdasarkan title entry kali ni . haish . its quite scary to look at . am i rytee ? hihihi .
okay , let's bring it to the point . actually , on last May , i thought it must be a day on Wednesday or Monday where I came back home and walking straight to my room and checked the result of UPU's course that need to be interviewed . welll , i don't remember much howw it was happened :)
the switch was on and i began to type the UPU link . okay . sunggguh berdebar , harrr . type on my IC number and guess what ? the heckkk !
it was awesome ! ahah . welll , even this course wasn't my real choice but it is a great moment to make our parents happy :) then , i ran straight away to Abah and Mama and told em bout this . well , they happy for me :) ehem ehem .

so , on the Monday , 16th May I guess or April , hihi , I went to Kuantan with Abah and Pah :D disebabkan Mama kerja dan xnk cuti , nvm . All of us made a move at sunday's night because we dunot wanna rushed on he next mornng as I had to be there at 8.30 AM . so , apa lagiii . pergi lha rumah yg comel kat Batu 8 tuu and filled the rest of the night there . well , actually there was the same interview made on that Sunday , a day before mine . but , that was specialized for those who got greater grade in English on their SPM . well , terasa bodoh pulak masa tuuu :D

Malam tuu terasa sgt lah tak tenteram , guling kiri salah , guling kanan salah . hihiii . bila dah pagi , beriya bangun pagi2 then gosok baju kurung yg Mama suruh pakai . hhi . comel kan . em em , fyi , to attend yourself to this interview , you have to follow some attire rules . lemme give you some tips :) *baikkan kita*

 THE GUYS : Kemeja Formal and Slack . pakai lah tie kasik nampak smart sikit :) Rambut tuuu make sure  kemass and if you had dye the with rainbows colors , better dye them black . Wear leather shoes or other shoes that totally covered ur feet . Nak lagi smart , just be urself and wear anything that make you feel comfort yet still can show you as a great looking student :)

THE GIRLS : NO JEANS & SEXY ATTIRE. avoid mini-skirt . well , better wear Baju Kurung . comel jee . kasut formal k . jgn main rembat je slipper jamban rumah jiran sebelah . okay ? then , just wear something yg boleh nampakkan awak look neat and tidy and charismatic . then  , for those yg free hair , follow the rules like the guys one.

okay , actually bukannya apaa . if you wish to pass the interview , better prepare urself well . sbb yg nak interview korang ni bukannya robot , they are humans and they got feelings :) kalau diaorang nampak korang pakai baju kemas2 kan sejuk je mata interviewer-2 & senang jugak lha korang nk pass . hewhew .

okay sambung cerita kita . bila dah sampai uitm tuu , nah kaw ! jam kott ! wallah . sgt tidak percaya , ramai jugak org east coast yg apply tesl nii . grrr . debardebar . when i was there i wasn't being too friendly as i had been accompanied by Pah . xkan nk tgal da sorang2 pula kann . hmmm . at first , tgk kampus tuuu sgt kecik . there were only 3 four-levels building and a small bulding just near the entrance . the area was likee ........ very small and even my school have a bigger space . well , right on 8.30 . all of the students were called to enter the exam hall to start our writing test . oh I almost forgot ! actually , through this interview , you have to pass two session which consist of writing test and the interview of course . okay , sebenarnya , on the night before i went there , i'd asked my friend bout the interview as he had already done it a day before in JB .

"Bal , how was it ? tough tak soalan dia ? hewhew ."

"Not bad , the writing test is consist of comprehension and essay writing"

"alahaiiiiii , bab esei aku lemah niii . eh eh , soalan apa esei dia tuuu ? hewhew "

"aku dpt soalan pasal advantages ke disadvantages of social network , eg ; Facebook "

"oww . i hope the question would be the same question that i shall answer tomorrow, wish me luck dude :) "

"okay girl , good luck then . i bet you can do it !"

so begitulahhh ceritanyaaa , selak punya selak paper soalan tuuu , sgt memeranjatkan apabla soalan essay dia sebijik sejibong dgn apa yg iqbal dah ckp . haha . tp malangnya , kita tak buat pape revision puns . so , nothing special was happened to me . tamat sejam jawab soalan , i rushed out . i saw pah and my dad was no where to be found . ahah . biasalah , abah mmg mcm tuuu . hoho . em em , let's move on to the interview session . huh !

after the writing test , we were informed that we had been divided into 4 groups and i don't remember i was in what group . i think i'm in B kot , or A . hihihi . the interview started on 10 and every group consist of approximately 20 people . and the time needed for a person is 10 - 15 mins . gila ! guess when was my turn ? i'm the 16 :) sgt best . so , i called my dad and we went for a lunch first and came back on 2PM , masa duduk dpn bilik tuuu , beriya lha kta snap2 photo dgn muka penuh gembira . haha .  then after a girl came out from the sacred room , my turned was finally there . wuhuuuuu . 

kita pun masuk dan greet the two interviewer tuu . they are both women and they have a really straight face . but luckily , they are really nice for giving me a splash of sweet smile that was able to cure my nervous system that had already down that moment . then one of em ask me to give them my SPM slip and asked me to sit . masa pegang slip tuu takyah ckp laaa , my hands were shaking badly . nasib baik lecturer dua org tuuu sgt baik and they asked me to stay calm . first , they ask me to tell em about myself . then , they ask me why i'm taking this course . but , the most unforgettable moment was when they asked me to demonstrate my teaching skills and they pretend like a kindergarten children that i found they looked cute . we sang together and i asked them to list down any verb got in that song , then suddenly one of them made a baby voice and ask me ; "teacher teacher , what is verb ?" alahaiiiiiii , longgar lutut aku dengaaa . haha . masa tuuu , main bantai je jawab apa . lastly , they ask me : WHAT IS THE MEANING OF TESL ? aku dgn kompomnya kemain lha jawab that tesl is a way where it provided people to exposed to the grammar learning and stuffff then they asked me to stop and say , "dear, I mean the T E S L" OMG !! i was dying at the moment sbb aku taktahu pun apa meaning tesl tuuu . haha ! mcmmana dia boleh detecttttttt ! gila . then one answer : "I'm Sorry but I don't know what does it mean " nampak tak kt situ betapa selamba nya aku jawab . huh . seriously , masa tuuu i was definitely sure that i will never passed this interview :(( then , mereka berdua pun ceramah kt aku . diaorang ckp , every time you wanna choose any way in ur life , you neeed to KNOW it . hehh . malu gila . then i was keep apologized for not being serious in making any decision but then i promised them if i had chosen , i'll be a better me .

keluar je dr bilik tu , Pah terus terkam .

"acano Una ?"

"kita balik jelah pah , aku rasa aku takdapat lah , tesl pun aku xtawu mendapa"

"eh lek laa , kau boleh punya . lagpun aku tgk kau punya duration dlm tu plg lama kottt , dkat 20 minit aku tunggu kt lua ni , ada chance punya"

"tak kott"

then , we went to abah . and abah pun asking me the same thing . and when i told him that i don't know what is tesl , i noticed that muka abah terus berubah . argh ! i do feel like shit ! :((

but then yeaaa , at that moment , semuanya terserah pada takdir .