Aug 7, 2014

Minggu Perkasa Putra UPM 2013/2014 & Kolej Keenam UPM

Holla ! Assalamualaikum and hi guize ! :D

so yah , it'd been years since i wrote here. i really mean this. Cause yknow, this is so my words on my every entry haha . okay okay .

it is 7th August today and i just decided to talk about my gorgeous awesome university and college;
UPM & Kolej Keenam wuhuuu ~~

sebab 12 haribulan result upu dah keluaq kannn 

hmmm. how to start ey?
this is soo not like yknow, my previous post about uitm's Minggu Destini Siswa. UPM's MPP (Minggu Perkasa Putra) is wayyyyyyyyyyyy 'hectic' than my previous orientation week experience.
so, i think is should sum everything up in a simpler way so that you could get an overview about upm's orientation week that i bet it'll be called weeks and so that you would find the jinx of this thingy *hangkatkening*

okay okay
first thing first
so, about my degree's orientation week, i find it is not that i recorded everything that happened during my previous Minggu Destini Siswa back in uitm. so..

Maaf Maaf Maaf
if this entry is not as practical as i also thought it might/should be

for those yg belum tahu especially ex-ex foundation / stpm, the orientation will be held in your respective college. bukan macam zaman uitm where kita berlari2 anak ke dewan itu dewan ini. so, it is quite senang lah kan bila everything is here. where you don't have to rush to mandi to rush to grab telekung and solat jemaah semua sebab the distance from room to dewan college masing-masing is not that far.

then semangat "kekolej-an" mulalah dipupuk sedikit demi sedikit agar assabiyyah tu terhasil gitew. ahaks
korang akan berkenalan dengan Ayahanda/Bonda kolej masing2 (Pengetua) dan barisan-barisan MTM (Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa) Kolej.

logically lah kan, setiap tempat memang akan ada organisation masing2, so does in your upcoming college. basically, you'll get to know everything and everyone here. MTM pulak tugasnya macam orang2 kuat kolej laa. Diorang lah senior-senior dan kawan-kawan korang yang akan guide, handle and tolong korang in doing most of the activities in college.

so macam biasalah , lepas ambil kunci bilik semua , dah unpack barang semua; orientation starts :) oh forget to mention, if you girls are lucky enuf , akan ada abang2 yang akan datang dkt korang and tanya kolej mana then if you're from their college , they'll help you with bag stuffs and what not . hihi

when i was like you guys before, i went for registration in the afternoon where the flow of people started to slow and low . so basically, this is mah room in kolej keenam :)

mah college !

fyi, kolej keenam ni adalah kolej tradisi yang berada di pucak gunung jerai *eh tetiba*. well , kolej keenam adalah kolej paling tersorok di UPM where masih ada student yg taktahu kewujudan kolej ni. tapi kalau dari pintu masuk kawasan kolej tu , you'll see a wideeee padang kawad and and the very end of the left side , you'll see blok MSN kolej keenam and few bayang2 of bangunan kolej keenam from there :)

dan yang pasti , semua kolej tradisi menyediakan room for two only . so yah , you have your space :)

Kolej Keenam juga dikenali as kolej dusun dan nama-nama blok kat sini semuanya nama buah - Blok Cermai, Blok Delima, Blok Keranji & Blok Salak (mine!)

aku tahu korang mesti taktahu buah apekebenda lahhh tu kan , mesto korang baru acah2 berangan duduk Blok Blackberry ; BB gitew mahaha. so google lah xD

*K6 hack - kalau korang ada rezeki where langit so cerah ; you'll get to see KLCC from K6 , betul2 atas bukit blok MSN dgn Blok Delima tu*

maka, after all the unpacking and stuff , my family went home and i cried again and again . like there'll be no tomorrow >.<
tapi lepastu xde apa dah , orang kuat kan , nangis acah acah jeee :)

so macam biasa, we'll be divided to groups and ice breaking and yada yada ~

group's logo creating

mah wumet theree

makanan minggu orientasi :) dapp

the only uitm kuantan teslian in K6

school mate :)

wumet wuhuu

wuhuu wumett

omg muka macam tettt sangat

then , fyi , UPM ni green campus . and no matter what, every new batch will receive a UPM bag pack that filled with many things. since we are the first batch of green campus generation; where polystyrene are prohibited here, we got sooooo kool meal-kit ahaha

hakaks2 habangs2 kat sini ada cakap la , every batch akan dapat landyard, bag and few goods lain2 dr batch lain2 *apa punya ayat tah*
soo , about the book , it still look new in my luggage . hahah . i'm soo not into readings .
*okay iklan*

then, there'll be one day, where everyone is wearing the same attires for yknow, "the special occasion" & the majlis rasmi this and that.
and the hard pass is the cheers stuff. especially from the guys from the 10th college.
you'll know about it when you'll know about it *wink

positive pill - overdosed

glam tak itewww dengan shawl upm
though the majlis rasmi this and yada settled , yknow that you are still running in the orientation thingy. so actually, malam kemuncak MPP kt sini is the Malam Tunas Budaya ; a night where majority of first year students work together with le seniors in performing a singing and dancing representing your respective college :)

nasihat saya, please join this ! you'll never regret :)
nanti there'll be one time where you guys akan dimaklumkan abt this singing and dancing thing :)
undoubtedly lah kan, i started to get to know people from here lah. dari kemain sopan santun terus boleh bersepak terajang dengan budak2 mtb ni ahaha
tapi satu lah, you'll be practicing for the competition for almost two weeks and practically you'll need to borrow your time for 8/9 PM till 3-5 AM
tapi don't worry , korang akan sama2 penat , sama2 seronok

the man with great hands

haaa kauu , retis tak iols xD

makaaaa ,
i don't want to talk a lot of things about Minggu Perkasa Putra here because you'll experience different thing from college to college and batch to batch . sooo , for the future sixers - i'm gonna ask you to be soo strong and keep happy and KEEP POSITIVE all the time or else you'll get tense. but, i bet, you guize gonna be soo fun here since the new MTM President is shoo kool and handsome and kool and handsome and all good things are just in him, wuahahha . 

but, here are feww tips for you so that you'll never get stress during the tense week
1. try to enjoy every single activities 
2. do not complaining so much coz you'll make things worse
3. smile and befriends everyone and if you find someone yg muka acah2 sombong tak pernah senyum tu maybe dia rindu rumah dia , family dia :)
4. be creative
5. bila ada aktiviti smpai 3-4 pagi tu cuba relaks kan diri and go with the flow
6. always be Positive and AVOID negative-self-motivated friends
7. make sure you have your small notebook so that you can jot everything in there though you have iPhone, i bet note book is the best.
8. biasakan diri utk kurangkan tidur sebab for the first two months , you'll need to get awake more that to sleep
9. if you're toooooo tension or stress or depress , leave all the orientation stuff and get consultation from a counselor or your own lecturer. they'll help :)
10. amalkan diri to say : "Saya KUAT!" bcs you do 
11. balance your college activities with you class schedule so that you'll get to stay in college for next year :)

Welcome to UPM !
so yah , if you're one of the sixers baby , you may contact me by sending me your email here 


here and yeah , GO EXPLORE your degree foundation week/weeks my dearies :)

Best of luck guize ! Purrr ~