Aug 15, 2014

TESL UPM ftw :)

holla future Teslian ! 

i bet you guys would read this bcs undoubtedly you guys are le future Teslian of UPM izittt *wink
so yah , back to the point , tbh , I am part of this . coincidentally yeah . idk how am i been judged and qualified to be apart of this upm tesl thingy because i really hope that i would be able to pursue my degree in tesl at uitm . omg man . of course everybody does . (those whom aren't , lets bertumbuk haha) , so after all cries and tears and sobbing and sorrow (uuu) ahah , by hook or by crook , i need to further my studies here in UPM . 
so basically , 
you'll know everything when you'll be here huargh huargh huargh *evil laugh*
okay i'm so sorry that i couldn't tell you much about UPM's tesl stuff because this is family's secret ! xD
but , basically , you should know that upm teslians love each other , though millions drama are happening yet yah , life'll get bored without dramas rightttttt .

and your seniors will love you like "omg there is my sistah , mah bradah"
and i bet that you guys would never meet other seniors that are super frigging cared about you guys just like how upm tesl seniors are *seriousface*

degree in tesl is actually quite way and not quite way different from what we had learn in school or foundation , it is just slightttttt-ly different . you guys got me ?
basically this is all bcs of the subjects and the learning contents . you'll learn deeper .
but no worries , you'll get over it in time and you have the greatest lecturer evah . evah . ever . 

so , welcome to UPM babies ! 
till we meet soon ahaks ~
if you are a future upm teslian , you may email me here ; for any inquiries .
insyaALLAH i will help as much as i could :)